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I got a chance to chat with fashion designer. Follow me to feel the idea of Hogan scarpe designer. Q:Tell us about the inspiration for your “Hogan Scarpe Collezione” collection. A: Hogan Scarpe Collezione was actually an idea borrowed from a friend. Q: Why are you interested in fashion? Have you always known it was what you wanted to do? A: I probably knew that fashion, or at least clothing, excited me when I was around 7 or 8 years old, but I didn’t know how easy it was to create complete garments until I was much older”‘¦ When I was around 13, I started cutting up clothes quite boldly and I was always impressed with how easily you could imitate something haute couture, just by using hundreds of safety pins! Q: You have struck many people as a fashion prodigy because of your talent level at such a young age. As we know, Peuterey 2012 and uova maglia italia europei 2012. What are your thoughts about being a young talent in a predominantly older field? A: I think there’s a very good reason why the industry’s older talents have not yet been replaced by their successors and a lot of it has to do with there being a lack of new faces that are artistic on an exceptional level. This has ensured that fashion remains respectable, while the rest of the world becomes more and more outrageously tacky. When I was a lot younger, I believed that being a child prodigy was important. But after taking two years off from the industry, I realize you can be talented and appreciated regardless of your age. But it’s a whole range of external factors that attribute to you success, regardless of how talented you are. I also realize that fashion is completely dependent on new information. Q:What was your experience like, having your first big show in New York Fashion Week? A: Despite New York turning out to be the opposite of whatever my expectations had been, I found it to be the most enchanting city to live in, or to host a fashion show. All of the designers and guests were incredibly generous and warm towards me, which was surprising for such a competitive environment. Q: What kind of advice can you give to aspiring fashion designers? A: I get asked this question a lot and so I actually have pages of information available for anyone who would like to skip fashion school, if they contact me”‘¦ It’s probably more beneficial that I offer broader advice now, however: First of all, anyone aspiring to be a designer should avoid people who may be limiting their talent (at all costs). Most often these people are your mentors, close friends, even your parents! If you want to do exceptionally well in this business, both your designs and motivation must be strong. This means that you had better get used to being completely independent -from everyone! Another thing is that many unsuccessful people will try and reinforce messages such as, ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’, ‘fashion is competitive/cutthroat, only old gay men become successful’ blah blah blah”‘¦ These people don’t actually know what they’re talking about and you should be prepared to hear a lot of this misinformation. A large part of the industry is just an illusion to impress consumers and scare off competitors. Some of the most expensive looking pieces on the runway have only taken 10 minutes to make, along with accessories that have been swapped backstage, and taking place in a show commissioned by someone else, with models, hair and makeup all volunteering their time. Unfortunately many potential designers become intimidated by this illusion and never even enter into the fashion industry!

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